Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain is the second-highest of the Catskill Mountains, and home to an extremely popular ski resort.

The peak of Hunter Mountain is at roughly 4,040 feet, not far behind the tallest Catskill (Slide Mountain). During the summer months, activities include hiking and horseback riding, though there are only four routes to the top of the mountain that get any amount of upkeep. The most popular is Spruceton Trail, the former road that leads to the fire tower that sits at the mountain's peak.

The ski resort on Hunter Mountain opened in 1959, and although it doesn't actually include the highest point of the mountain it does have a 1,600 foot vertical drop. It's popular for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and snowshoeing. The ski resort also has summer activities, including zipline tours, golf, fly fishing, and 4x4 adventures.

Practical Info

Hunter Mountain is roughly 56 miles from Albany and 127 miles from New York City in central New York.
Adresse: Hunter, New York, USA
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