Mount Warning

Looming over the hinterlands north-west of Byron Bay, the 3,792-foot (1156-meter) peak of Mount Warning is not only the region’s highest peak but also, due to its proximity to Australia’s easterly point, the first area of the mainland to receive sunlight. The chance to be the first to see the sunrise has long enticed hikers to scale its summit, and the 5.6-mile (9 km), four-hour round-trip hike is a scenic route, weaving through subtropical rainforest and offering spectacular views out over the coast and the surrounding Wollumbin National Park.

Mount Warning also has a long historic significance, named by Captain James Cook to warn approaching seamen of the coastal reefs at Point Danger, and boasting a rich Aboriginal heritage, home to the indigenous Bundjalung people.

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Mount Warning is located around 60 km northwest of Byron Bay in New South Wales.  
Adresse: New South Wales, Australia
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