St James’ Church

St James’ Church, also called Skinner’s Church after James Skinner, the British-Indian colonel who commissioned the church, is the oldest churches in Delhi and one of the few examples of a Palladian church in India. Colonel Skinner, while lying wounded on the battlefield of Uniara, vowed to build a church should he survive; he did so at his own expense. Construction on the church building, designed by Major Robert Smith, began in 1826, and the church was consecrated in November of 1836.
The church, located near the Kashmiri Gate, features many design elements of the Renaissance Revival, including a cruciform floor plan, porticoed porches, interior stained glass windows and an octagonal dome at its center. The church cemetery houses several tombs of British officials as well as members of the Skinner clan.

Adresse: Church Road, Mori Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India
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