Dilli Haat

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The word “haat” signifies an informal weekly market, the kind that often occur in rural areas of India. Dilli Haat was opened in 2003 to recreate the haat experience in the city and provide a place for craftspeople from throughout India to sell their wares without paying high maintenance costs. The result is an open air craft and food market with 200 stalls specializing in arts and crafts from each state of India.

Vendors rent space for periods of two weeks at a time, so the variety of goods is always changing. Unlike other craft and souvenir shops in Delhi, where you’re buying from an intermediary, Dilli Haat allows you to purchase directly from artists, many of them coming to the city from rural parts of India to sell their pieces. It’s one of the most fairly priced and authentic shopping experiences in the city.
Adresse: Sri Aurobindo Marg, West Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi 110023, India
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