Manakamana Temple

According to Hindu lore the goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati, grants wishes to those who make a sacrifice in her name. Newlyweds praying for children and other favor seekers visit Manakamana Temple, located in Nepal’s Gorkha district, to do just that, often in the form of a goat sacrifice made in a pavilion behind the temple.

The pagoda-style temple has a history dating back to the seventeenth century, but the structure as it stands in its current form was built in the nineteenth century. While worshipers and visitors once had to make an arduous trek up uphill, today the temple is serviced by the Austrian-designed Manakamana Cable Car now makes the 1.7-mile (2.8-kilometer) journey in less than 10 minutes. From the top, the temple offers spectacular views of the Trisuli and Marshyang-di River valleys as well as the peaks of Manaslu, Himalchuli and Annapurna.

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Visit the temple on a weekday to avoid long cable car queues.
Adresse: Manakamana, Nepal
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