Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Park

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What a better way to experience the beauty of the Bahamas than by discovering the native flora and fauna? The Ardastra Zoo, Gardens and Conservation Park provides the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the creatures of the Caribbean.

Home to more than 300 animals, many of them endangered species of the Caribbean and South America, the zoo boasts the largest collection of Bahamian animals in the world. While walking around, don't be surprised if you run into a boa constrictor, raptor, or parrot- their trainers regularly walk them on the pathways. The zoo is also known for its vast flamingo collection. 

The most stunning part of Ardastra may not be the animals, but rather a visit to the gardens. Step into a land full of exotic fruit trees, coconut palms, bromeliads, orchids, brilliantly colored bougainvillea and hibiscus blossoms of every hue, where temperatures rarely fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit  (15 degrees Celsius) or soar above 90° F (32° C). The Ardastra gardens are the perfect spot to take a sumptuous walk and breathe in Bahamian beauty.

Adresse: Nassau, Bahamas
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