Safari West

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It’s like rolling two vacations into one. Safari West is an African adventure in Sonoma County wine country. Set on a 400-acre preserve, the so-called Sonoma Savannah is home to more than 800 wild animals including giraffes, zebras, antelopes and cheetahs. In all, more than 80 species of animals call Safari West home.

Visitors have a number of ways to explore at Safari West. Classic Safari Tours operate seven days a week using double-decker trucks. Children must be three years or older. Custom or private safaris can also be arranged.

Guests can also spend the night in luxury tents imported from Africa. The tents are glamorous, with polished wood floors, private bathrooms and handmade furniture. If you’re a light sleeper, bring earplugs. The animals have a reputation for staying up late and just generally being noisy sleepers.
Adresse: 3115 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa, California 95404, USA
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