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Fraueninsel is an island outside of Munich in the Bavarian region of Germany. It sits in Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria, along with another island called Herreninsel. On Herreninsel visitors can see the Royal Castle of Herrenchiemsee, built by Ludwig II as a replica of the Palace of Versailles. On Fraueninsel there is a Benedictine church and monastery which covers about one third of the island. Though the church has existed since 782, the complex you see today was rebuilt in the 1700s. The island is one of the oldest cultural sites in the area. It is a popular place for tourists to visit due to its natural beauty and the surrounding landscape of the Alps. 

A small community of artists, crafts people, and fishermen live on the island, making it a unique place to visit throughout the year. In late November and early December, visitors come to experience the Christmas market. The market fills with mulled wine, German treats, crafts, gifts, and more in celebration of the season, and the backdrop of the snowy mountains makes for the perfect festive atmosphere. 
Adresse: Chiemsee, Germany, Tyskland
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