Dades Gorge

A winding strip of blacktop known by locals as the “Road of a Thousand Kasbahs” leads to the famous Dadès Gorge in the beautiful countryside of Morocco. This scenic drive is lined with hundreds of Islamic cities, fortresses, palm trees and desert sands, which make it one of the most epic roads in the country, but traveler say it’s the rolling red hills of the Dadès Gorge that are truly worth the trip. 

After navigating switchbacks by car, visitors can wander the quiet trails of this scenic destination on foot and enjoy a steaming cup of Moroccan mint tea at the top of the gorge. Breathtaking vistas and uninterrupted views of rolling read rocks make for a memorable resting place and quiet escape before embarking on a return trip to the city.

Practical Info

Dadès Gorge is located between the Atlas Mountains and Jbel Saghro of the Anti-Atlas range. The access road is roughly 40 kilometers long and provides stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.
Adresse: Morocco, Marokko
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