Often regarded as one of the fanciest and most expensive areas in Montreal, Outremont has only recently started to be on the tourist map. Understandably so – with its elegant avenues and stately manors, it’s no wonder more and more visitors are drawn to it. The name Outremont actually comes from a pun with the French wording for ‘over the mountain,’ seeing as most Montrealers resided south of the Mount Royal at the time. The three main thoroughfares are Bernard Avenue, Van Horne Avenue, and Laurier Avenue, which are filled with upscale shops, trendy cafés and chic French bistros that even locals consider a treat. The district also includes Mount-Royal cemetery (resting place of many major Canadian figures), which is popular with runners thanks to its giant leafy trees and soothing atmosphere.

While Outremont is a predominantly French-speaking neighborhood, it holds a lot more than just wine bars. Twenty percent of Outremont’s population is part of the Hasidic Jewish community; there are, therefore, several kosher bakeries and restaurants, as well as synagogues and Yiddish-run businesses in the area. It was the home of famed author Mordecai Richler.
Adresse: Montreal, Canada
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