Olympic Park

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Once the site of the 1976 Olympic Games, Montreal’s Olympic Park is now known as Space for Life, the largest scientific complex in all of Canada. The stadium was used for baseball for many years following the Olympics, until the local team moved to the United States, and is now often used for large-scale concerts and fairs. It is one of the most-visited Olympic stadiums in the world, thanks to the panoramic views of Montreal from atop its iconic inclined tower.

On the ground level is the Montreal Biodome, an indoor zoo where visitors can amble through five ecosystems (a tropical rain forest, the sub-Antarctic islands, the Laurentian maple forest, Labrador Coast, and the Gulf of St Lawrence), all without living the building. The site is home to about 4,500 specimens such as penguins, anacondas, sloths and otters. Nearby, the newly built planetarium is acclaimed for its interactive permanent exhibition and immersive, dome-shaped theaters that show a rotating selection of astronomical films and live animations.

The Botanical Garden, with its award-winning Japanese garden and 10 conservatory greenhouses, and the Insectarium are located across the street. The latter is dedicated to thousands of creepy-crawlies from around the world, and all of the attractions within the Olympic Park are within walking distance of one another.
Adresse: 4141, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin, Montreal H1V 3N7, Canada
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