El Prado

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El Prado is a residential neighborhood of Montevideo that features beautiful historic homes and manicured, tree-lined streets. The area includes the former presidential residence, Montevideo’s main park area, the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum and three soccer stadiums. 

Parque del Prado is a peaceful spot for residents of Montevideo, as Miguelete Creek flows through the park and the expansive 102-acre (41-hectare) grounds feature a rose garden, botanical garden, fountains and monuments. The botanical garden contains over 1,000 plant species and is the only one of its kind in Uruguay. The rose garden includes imported roses from France and was designed by French landscape architect Charles Recine. Hotel del Prado, built in the French neoclassical style, sits within Parque del Prado’s grounds and serves as a tea house and meeting room today. 

What was once the official presidential palace (from 1947 to 2005) is today a shelter for homeless people. The most recent presidents did not move into the residence, with José Mujica (inaugurated in 2010) securing an agreement to let homeless people move in. 

The Juan Manuel Blanes Museum is also called the Museum of Fine Arts and celebrates the famous Uruguayan painter. The museum grounds also include a beautiful Japanese garden. 

Bella Vista Athletic Club (José Nasazzi Park), River Plate Athletic Club (Federico Saroldi Park) and Montevideo Wanderers (Alfredo V. Viera Park) are the soccer clubs that play within the El Prado neighborhood. 
Adresse: Montevideo, Uruguay
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