Good Hope Estate

Good Hope Estate was once Jamaica’s largest plantation, with its own sugar factory, water wheel, hospital and church, along with the main house and many other satellite buildings, many of which remain in good condition. Today, the grounds include a handful of rooms where overnight visitors can stay, including a 3-bedroom villa in a historic cut-stone building, and a cottage just steps from an inviting swimming hole on the Martha Brae River. Day visitors can also come to Good Home Estate to explore the 18th century buildings by horse and carriage, swim in the pool or spot exotic birds in the 9,000-square-foot aviary. The estate grounds are also home to an adventure park where thrill-seekers can go ziplining, river tubing, ride ATVs and join a Appleton Estate rum tasting experience. There’s also a kids play area with a challenge course for younger guests.
Adresse: 1 Trelawny St, Falmouth, Jamaica
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