Louis II Stadium

In a small country where real estate is at such a premium, it may seem strange that Monaco has the space for a full-grown sports stadium. But the Louis II Stadium, originally built in 1939 under the reign of Prince Louis II before being rebuilt in 1985 nearby, is just that.

The stadium hosts not one but two Monegasque football (soccer) teams: The FIFA Ligue I, French-registered AS Monaco, which plays for France in international games; and the Monaco national football team, which battles such luminaries as Vatican City, Kosovo and Tibet.

Its capacity is approximately 18,000. So, how does a major sports stadium deal with parking in a mountainous city with minimal space? Easy: All of the parking is beneath the stadium itself. It's also a fairly easy walk from the train station, so if visitors happen to be staying in nearby Nice, it's a fun activity that would certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Practical Info

The stadium is located in the Fontvieille district of Monaco. Tickets for games can be purchased at the stadium ticket counters, even on match days. The stadium rarely sells out, and tickets generally range from about €5 to €40.
Adresse: 7 Avenue des Castelans, Monaco
Åpningstider: Hours vary
Adgang: Pricing varies
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