Murales de Diego Rivera

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No trip to Mexico City is complete without a stop at Murales de Diego Rivera. Here, visitors can see the country’s most famous work of art by perhaps the nation’s most beloved artist. The massive fresco “Dream on a Sunday Afternoon in the Alamdea” was painted in 1947 and originally housed in the grand ballroom of the Hotel del Prado, before damage from a major earthquake sent the mural to its current location.

Measuring 15 meters by four meters, Rivera’s well-known mural depicts epic moments in Mexico’s history and includes famous political leaders as well as commonplace citizens. A nearby sketch identifies the multiple historic figures represented in Rivera’s masterpiece, and while it’s possible to see the fresco in a matter of minutes, visitors should allow at least an hour to truly enjoy the rich details this great work has to offer.
Adresse: Balderas y Colon s/n, Centro Historico, Ciudad de Mexico, DF, Mexico
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