For three days a year this quiet mountain village just south of Mexico City becomes the ultimate cultural destination. Between October 31 and November 2 residents gather to commemorate the Day of the Dead, a celebration of loved ones who are no longer living. Travelers make the voyage from Mexico City to the rolling hills of an otherwise quiet countryside to experience this truly unique festival.

Graves are decorated with flowers and skeletons and fragrant incense wafts through the air as residents sing songs honoring those who have passed. Colorful murals cover typically empty walls and stalls selling strong drinks, spicy food and tokens for the dead line the bustling streets. Halls of the local church come alive with traditional artwork and intricate masks to commemorate those who are no longer living. While the journey from Mexico City can be long due to traffic, experiencing this once-a-year festival is well worth the trip.
Adresse: San Andres Mixquic, Tláhuac, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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Mixquic Day of the Dead feiring fra Mexico City

Fordyp deg i meksikansk kultur på en dagstur til Mixquic's Day of the Dead feiring i slutten av oktober eller tidlig i november. Med rundtur på hotelltransport, unngå stresset med å ta offentlig transport eller navigere fra Mexico City alene. I tillegg til å navigere, tilbyr guiden deg innenfor tips, anekdoter og bakgrunnsinformasjon om ferieens tradisjoner.
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  • Varighet: 11 timer
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