Mayapan Mayan Ruins

Largely regarded as the last great Mayan capital of the Yucatan peninsula and inhabited until the Late Post-Classic period, the ancient city of Mayapan has long fascinated archaeologists, as well as becoming a popular tourist attraction. The city was allegedly founded by Toltec King Kukulcan after the fall of Chichen Itza and today its remains include more than 4,000 structures, spread over a 4.2-square-kilometer plot and surrounded by an imposing stone perimeter wall. 

The star attraction of Mayapan is the towering Temple of Kukulcan, a terraced pyramid similar to the one found at Chichen Itza, around which are dozens of temples, altars, shrines and residences, many adorned with colorful murals and well-preserved stuccos.

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The Mayapan Mayan Ruins are located on the Yucatán Peninsula, approximately 40 km south of Merida.
Adresse: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Mexico
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