Ake Mayan Ruins

About 25 miles east of lovely Merida lies the architectural site of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization, Ake. A small slice of vintage Yucatan, this ancient treasure’s name translates roughly into "place of reeds," and is one of the Yucatan's greatest examples of Toltec settlements in the region. Not to be missed by anyone interested in the ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico, the ruins of Ake are famous for the Toltec use of concentric walls, an extensive road system dating back to 800 A.D., and incongruous giant steps giving the ruins an air of mystery. A pyramidal palace, a step-pyramid platform, and a church also lend to the site’s notoriety, while the neighboring sisal fiber plant is a step back into more recent bygone times.

Practical Info

The Mayan Ruins of Ake are located off of the Cancun-merida toll road near Tahmek. From Cancun, head toward Merida until just after Tahmek. Exit at the sign and follow the road roughly 10 minutes.
Adresse: Merida, Mexico
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