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The second most visited home in the United States (behind only the White House), Graceland was home to Elvis Presley during the height of his career. The iconic rock and roll singer, called "The King of Rock and Roll," died in the white-columned mansion in 1977 at the age of 42. The King is buried in the Meditation Gardens on the estate. A tour of the mansion takes you through the first story of the 23-room house. The interior of the house is worth seeing not because it is especially beautiful, but because of its excessively opulent and tacky displays. Red fur and leopard print constitute the main decorating scheme in most of the rooms. Touring the wacky rooms of this 17,552 square foot (1,630.6 square meter) estate gives you an insight into the quirky mind of Elvis. The television room in the basement, where he often watched 3 television sets at once, is just one example that represents the star's eclectic taste.

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