Princess Theatre

Melbourne is a large, vibrant city with hundreds of things to do, but none of its attractions are quite as spectacular as historic Princess Theater. Built in 1857 and remodeled in 1886, the theater has hosted many of the world’s top musicals, operas, and shows. The theater’s famously exquisite façade is on par with the best in Europe, and the 1,488 seat theater is adorned in chandeliers.

Perhaps more famous than the building itself—and even some of its shows—is the legend of Frederick Federici, the friendly ghost who’s inhabited the theater since his death in 1888. In a curious end to a theater performance, Federici died of a heart attack while descending through a stage door, and frequent sightings of the actor’s ghost continue up to this day. Aside from the legends and legendary shows, the Princess Theater also hosts the Federici Bistro, where visitors can enjoy both dinner and a show for the best date night in town. 
Adresse: 163 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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