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Mornington Peninsula

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Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula lies only and hour’s drive from Melbourne, but seems miles away in actuality. Closely akin to the climate of the Mediterranean, the Mornington Peninsula is widely loved for its cool breeze, hill-side vineyards, olive groves, and country estate retreats. People that come here often wish they could stay for a lifetime, and some do. A leisurely place, the peninsula garners its fame from its beautiful rustic scenery. Boot-shaped like Italy, many prefer to explore the little seaside villages that dot the coastline. Here, craftsmen and women have carved out an old way of life by the sea which many appreciate by simply strolling through. But that is not to say that the Mornington Peninsula is outdated by any means. Spas and estate retreats offer all the finest amenities from mud-wraps to Arabic steam rooms. Other visitors prefer meandering through the many wine groves and taste some of the best wine Australia has to offer. Boasting 50 cellar doors, it’s true

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