Etihad Docklands Stadium

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Docklands Stadium, better known by the name of its current sponsor, Etihad, is a sports and entertainment venue in the Docklands area of Melbourne.

The modern cousin of Melbourne's famed MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), the stadium was built to act as the new main venue for Australian Rules Football (AFL). It was once Colonial Stadium and then the Telstra Dome before becoming Etihad Stadium and today most commonly hosts AFL, rugby and soccer games, although a 2006 Robbie Williams tour drew the site's largest-ever number of visitors with 64,619 attendees.

The first stadium in Australia to feature movable seating, it also has a retractable roof and a grass-covered, oval-shaped playing surface of 205,080 square feet (19,053 square meters).
Adresse: Australia
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