Gris Gris

At the southernmost point of the island of Mauritius is known as Gris Gris Cape, or Gris Gris Beach. It's a beautiful place to visit, but very dangerous for swimming.

The term “gris gris” has many meanings, including some associated with voodoo magic, and although the water here looks inviting that's deceptive. Waves here are much stronger than they are along other parts of the Mauritius coast, so swimming at Gris Gris is strongly discouraged.

Visiting Gris Gris, however, to soak in the natural beauty and watch the power of Mother Nature, is worth it. There's a trail behind the parking lot that leads to a spot from which you can watch waves beat against the rock repeatedly, making it look like the cliffs are weeping.

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Gris Gris Cape is located in Souillac, at the southernmost point of Mauritius.
Adresse: Gris Gris Cape, Mauritius
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