Blue Bay Marine Park

In case you’re wondering about the biodiversity at Mauritius’ Blue Bay Marine Park, there are more species of corals here than you could count fingers and toes. By some estimates over 40 different types of coral are found in these shallow, turquoise waters, which also house up to 70 species of colorful, tropical fish. With an average depth of only 10 to 20 feet, Blue Bay Marine Park is easily accessible to snorkelers and casual swimmers—most of whom are immersed in fish the moment they jump off the boat. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to keep your head above water but still see all the fish, glass bottom boats are a dry-hair option for watching the action below. Despite the area’s beauty, however, overuse and abundance of fish feeding is quickly becoming a problem, and snorkelers are reminded to not touch the corals or feed the large schools of fish. The concerning reef degradation aside, Blue Bay Marine Park is one of the nicest areas in southeast Mauritius, and a laidback, warm, white sand shore for spending a day in the sun. 
Blue Bay Marine Park is 15 minutes from the airport and 50 minutes from Port Louis. There is no entry fee to visit the park, though fees are charged for tours.
Adresse: Mauritius
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