Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

There’s something special about where Ocean organic vodka is made — perhaps it’s the fact that it’s created on a Maui farm or that it’s the only spirit made with organic cane sugar and deep ocean mineral water. Situated on 22,000 square feet of grass near the base of Mount Haleakala, the farm and distillery have scenic views of their sugar cane plants and the surrounding coastline.

Tours of the distilling process and farm take place daily, emphasizing the importance of organic farming and sustainability. With an emphasis on environmentally and socially conscious practices, the tour gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into production from start to finish. There is even a small herb garden on volcanic soil that produces the flavors for the cocktails they serve. Visitors can sample both the sugar cane juice or mineral water and the finished product.
Adresse: 4051 Omaopio Road, Kuna, Maui, USA
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