Dar el-Bacha

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Rue Dar el-Bacha marks the northern edge of Marrakech’s Central Medina — the city’s heart and soul. This area is also home to many of Marrakech’s top shops, restaurants and hammams. Walk along the road, and you’ll find shops selling antiques, Oriental rugs, Berber jewelry and housewares, as well as a handful of fondouks — a sort of Middle Eastern caravanserai — dealing in artisan wares like bags, tapestries, hand-painted tile and ottomans.

Dar Moha, ranked among the city’s top Moroccan restaurants, occupies a beautiful riad along Dar el-Bacha, where diners can eat al fresco around a patio swimming pool. For a bit of relaxation after a day wandering the medina, Dar el-Bacha boasts two excellent spas, the more traditional, public Hammam Dar el-Bacha (the largest traditional hammam in the city) and the upmarket, spa-style Hammam de la Rose.
Adresse: Marrakesh, Morocco, Marokko
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