Chinese Cemetery

When Chinese citizens were denied traditional burial in Catholic Cemeteries during Spanish rule, locals went ahead and established their own final resting place, which today is known as the Chinese Cemetery. Dozens of famous (and infamous) residents were later executed by the Japanese at this iconic World War II historical monument. A Girl Scouts organizer, a Boy Scouts of the Philippines charter member, writers, authors, and even professional athletes, found this their final resting place. 

In addition to exploring the burial grounds, travelers can wander through Chong Hock Tong Temple—the oldest in Manila, which is located at the cemetery. And Liat See Tong—also known as Martyrs Hall—showcases a detailed history of community leaders killed by the Japanese in World War II. An impressive monument to Carlos Palanca, the man responsible for the creation of the cemetery, is also worth a visit. 

Practical Info

The Chinese Cemetery is the second oldest in Manila. The cemetery is near the R. Papa Station of the LRT. Travelers can also access the grounds using a taxi or jeepney via the Monumento-Barclaran trip. 
Adresse: Manila, Philippines, Filippinene
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