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Plaza de Oriente

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One of the last great monumental squares of Imperial Madrid, the Plaza de Oriente boasts an enviably grand location, flanked by the magnificent Royal Palace to the west and the Teatro Real opera house to the east. Although originally planned by Joseph Bonaparte, the plaza wasn’t finished until 1844 under the reign of Isabel II, opening to the public in 1850.

Laid out by architect Narciso Pascual y Colomer, the plaza features a set of beautifully landscaped gardens, punctuated by a series of 44 statues depicting prominent Spanish monarchs. Most famous is the 17th-century bronze equestrian statue of Felipe IV, designed in 1640 by Italian sculptor Pedro Tacca. The iconic figure shows the King’s stallion rearing up on its hind legs – a striking sight which towers 12 meters high over the central walkway.

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