Museum of Royal Feluccas

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Spain has always been known for its naval history and accomplishments, from military to exploration. The Royal Museum of Feluccas showcases several large barges used by the royal family to navigate the Tagus River. The ships utilized by Spanish royalty, ornately decorated royal feluccas, can be seen just outside of the Spanish capital at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aranjuez. Visitors can view the boats of Charles IV, Ferdinand VII and Elizabeth II, as well as a beautiful gondola that once belonged to King Philip V.

The long, narrow boats are gloriously detailed and were used in ports and on rivers.  Most date back to the 17th century. There are also small historic items and old photographs of the era, marking a fascinating glimpse back in time. Be sure to explore the expansive royal gardens that surround the museum.
Adresse: Plaza de Parejas, s/n, Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain 28300, Spania
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