Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint

The city of Funchal on the Island of Madeira rises gently from the coast back into the hills. As such, just a short way back from the shore there are fantastic views not only of Funchal, but the surrounding mountains and the sea. As any local can readily tell a visitor, the best point from which to survey this vast domain is the Miraduro Pico dos Barcelos.

Despite Madeira being a hiker's dream, the Pico dos Barcelos is accessible to all and not a “trek” in the traditional sense. From the car park to the observation point is about a 15-minute walk, and the promontory is well-paved and includes safety fences. Recently the city has also built a cafe, restrooms, and other facilities there for visitors, making it more than just a ride up the hill and back. It's a wonderful place to have a lunch with a view; shutterbugs will want to head there at sunrise or sunset for some calendar-worthy shots.
Adresse: Funchal, Portugal
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