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Engelberg Monastery

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This Benedictine Monastery lies in the heart of Engelberg. It is dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels and, to this day, there are still roughly 30 monks living and working in the Engelberg monastery. Engelberg's culture dates back to the 12th Century when the monastery was founded by the Count of Seldenburen. Engelberg Monastery has been granted many rights and privileges by various emperors and popes and was once the center of power in the region, solidifying its place in history.

Switzerland's largest church organ, the monumental Collegiate Library, the Valley Museum, a show dairy and a manor house are all found in Engelberg. The library, to which men only are admitted, contains a historic and complete collection of the writings of Martin Luther. In Engelberg, the culture for centuries has been centered around the Divine. The abbey buildings were mostly destroyed by a fire in 1729, but they were restored quite beautifully in the manner they remain today.

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