San Jose Estuary

This stunning sanctuary located between San Jose del Cabo and the Marina is home to hundreds of species of indigenous birds and colorful wildlife. Nature lovers flock to this protected body of fresh water for sunrise kayak journeys and relaxing sunset hikes. It’s popular among birdwatchers, thanks to a peaceful habitat that attracts these wild winged creatures.  Travelers say that although damage from the most recent hurricane is still apparent, the San Juan Estuary remains an impressive and worthy destination for visitors looking to escape back into nature and experience the beauty of Mexico. Lucky travelers may spot local fishermen returning with the day’s catch or giant turtles wandering along the shores where strong waves lap the sand.  

Practical Info

San Jose Estuary is located east of the Presidente Forum Resort on Paseo San Juan in San Jose del Cabo. It is free to enter and open daily from dawn until dusk.  
Adresse: Blvd. Antonio Mijares, San José del Cabo, Mexico
Åpningstider: Open daily from dawn until dusk
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