Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

Take the Baja trail down to where the land ends, and amid the joining of two seas you’ll find beautiful, luxurious Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas. The first luxury community of Cabo San Lucas and still regarded as one of the city’s best, this little peninsula of rock is home to numerous five-star luxury resorts, restaurants, shops, and a thriving nightlife. Terrific views at every twist and turn of Pedregal’s cobblestone streets make for an attraction in itself, and if you want to walk the life of luxury, take a stroll through Pedregal and see the multi-million dollar homes and the beautiful Pacific beachside. A trip to Pedregal is a step into elite Cabo living, so if you’re ready to lounge like royalty, look no further than this little Cabo peninsula.
Adresse: Los Cabos, Mexico
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