Los Angeles Suggested Itineraries

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If movies, stars and Hollywood are your first thoughts when you think of LA, you’re probably missing out on some unique experiences that the city has to offer. Swarming with tourists and wannabe starlets, LA is also home to some top-notch music, food, architecture, theme parks and museums. To do it justice, you must experience at least three different sides to this city extraordinaire. 

Day 1: More Than Movies

Start your day in LA with breakfast at the legendary Original Pantry Cafe in downtown LA before embarking on some sightseeing! Take the trolley tour to get a basic orientation of LA and take pictures of famous landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame. Take a walking tour behind the scenes of Hollywood’s most televised locations. Alternatively drown yourself in the world of art at the Getty Museum before heading downtown to enjoy dinner at one of many cafes and restaurants reminiscent of 1930s and 40s. If you’re still up for more, be sure to take a night tour and watch the city come alive as the sun goes down.

Day 2: Hollywood, Baby!

Alright, so no trip to LA is ever complete without some movie mania and celebrity spotting. A great starting point is the rather comprehensive Grand LA Tour which includes visits to all the famous sites in the city. If you’re keen on seeing where the celebs live, work and play, try the which takes you into Sony Studios, across 40 movie star homes and into the heart of Hollywood, all in six hours. For the gruesome Hollywood trivia lovers, the Dearly Departed Tour is an amazing way to experience the tragic events that have shaped and shaken Hollywood over the decades.

Day 3: Do-Something-Different Day

Step away from the maddening crowd and discover something new about LA today. Try your hand at tandem paragliding in Malibu, take a helicopter tour or a champagne airplane tour. Spend the day in one of LA’s famous theme parks or visit the Griffith Park Observatory by night. Check out this list of things to do in LA for more ideas on having a fantastic LA experience.

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