KidZania London

Some call it an educational theme park, some call it a child-sized city, but the reality remains: KidZania is not for parents. Located inside one of London’s largest shopping malls, this whimsical center (and also quite large, at 75,000 square feet) invites children aged 4 to 14 to empower themselves by trying out over 60 different professions – surgeon, firemen, fashion stylist, engineer, receptionist, bank clerk, award-winning singer – through role-playing games and true-to-life situation. Each job is carefully crafted to provide kids with a variety of life skills, such as teamwork, confidence and financial independence.

They even get to open their own bank accounts to save money and later on gain access to different games. As KidZania is primarily oriented towards kids, parents get to sit back, relax, and enjoy their day by watching their kids empower themselves through viewing windows, or by meeting other adults in the dedicated parents space.
Adresse: Ariel Way (Westfield shopping center), London, England
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