Kensington Gardens

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Just west of London’s famous Hyde Park, the exquisite Kensington Gardens are one of London’s most historic Royal Parks, once forming the private grounds of Kensington Palace. Stretching over 275 acres, the garden’s principal features include the snaking Serpentine lake, an ornamental round pond and an idyllic Dutch garden, dating back to early 18th-century designs by Henry Wise and Charles Bridgeman.

A number of attractions are interwoven by a series of formal avenues, lined with trees and ornamental flowerbeds. A beautiful statue in tribute of Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) takes center stage at the Albert Memorial, a six-meter tall Roman sculpture known as ‘The Arch’ stands proud on the north bank of the pond and the 150-year-old Italian Gardens feature a striking white marble Tazza Fountain.

One of the most popular recent additions is the Princess Diana memorial playground, a fitting tribute to the late ‘people’s Princess’ and one of the best children’s playgrounds in the country with its giant pirate ship, teepees and hide-and-seek forests inspired by the tales of Peter Pan. Fans of Diana can also undertake the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, a seven-mile walk detailing the Princess’ legacy and taking in many of her favorite locations.
Adresse: London, England
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