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Some places just have a special feeling and Avebury is one of them. A Neolithic site of three stone circles dating from 2600 BC, Avebury has the largest stone circle in Europe.

Avebury is a henge, which means a bank or ditch with stone circles within this ring. No-one knows exactly who built it or why but it was most likely used for some kind of worship. Today it is still important to contemporary pagans especially during the solstices.

The village of Avebury is partially within the circle, and in the 1930s archaeologist Alexander Keiller became interested in the stones and began excavating. He opened a small museum in the stables of his home, Avebury Manor. Today the museum fills the stables and a 17th-century barn with interactive displays which bring the site to life for adults and kids alike. Avebury Manor has also just reopened to the public.
Adresse: West Kennett, Marlborough, Wiltshire, Avebury SN8 1QF, England
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