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Ljubljana Old Town

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Presided over by its ancient hilltop castle and linked to the new town by the iconic Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana’s picturesque Old Town is a warren of streets, clustered with popular sights. At the heart of the Old Town, the 15th century Ljubljana Castle steals the limelight, offering an unbeatable panorama from its viewing tower, but it’s the lively street-side cafes and open-air markets below that make up the soul of the historic quarter.

Daily food and flower markets brighten up the riverbanks between Pogačarjev and Vodnikov squares and a medley of exquisite architecture provides a picturesque backdrop for a walking tour. Much of the riverside, bridges and walkways circling the Old Town are the work of renowned architect, Jože Plečnik, the visionary credited with the 20th-century remodeling of the city and his influence is apparent in the striking riverside marketplace, the column-lined Cobbler's Bridge and the tree-lined Levstikov Square.

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