Livingstone Island

In 1855, David Livingstone pulled his tiny canoe ashore, stepped through a small rainforest, and gazed upon the thundering froth of Victoria Falls for the very first time. Today—a century and a half later—visitors can have that same sense of excitement and wonder by visiting Livingstone Island. Travelers retrace the explorer’s approach to the island in motorized boats, and at the same time experience some of the most spectacular views of the natural wonder. Stay ashore for breakfast, lunch or high tea at one of the island’s camps, or visit Devil’s Pool for an exhilarating dip on the edge of the falls.

Practical Info

All visits to the island take place during low water season, between July and January. Other times of year high waters and heavy spray make the island impossible—and dangerous—to access.
Adresse: Livingstone Island, Zambia
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