Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is the largest artificial lake in the world. This massive reservoir was created in 1958, when the Kariba Dam was built to provide power and electricity to the surrounding areas. Today, a variety of fresh water fish, Nile crocodiles and even hippopotamuses live in the lake. Huge numbers of tiger fish make it an ideal spot for a weekend fishing trip, and a variety of unique birds attract avian lovers, too. Visitors can catch spectacular sunsets from lodges nestled along the lake’s edge, and houseboat holidays offer a quiet escape from the hustle of Victoria Falls.

Practical Info

Be sure to stop at the dam wall while visiting Lake Kariba. The sheer size of this structure is surprisingly incredible. A walk across the bridge that straddles the vast lake on one side and a massive gorge on the other offers travelers a breathtaking contrast in nature.
Adresse: Lake Kariba, Zambia
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