Labirinto Lisboa

The Labirinto Lisboa is the only permanent haunted attraction in Portugal, combining live scare actors and special effects across 17 different environments. In just 15 minutes, explore a winding labyrinth that attempts to bring Portugal’s darkest historical characters and legends to life in a way that may feel like being inside a horror movie. Face the Grand Inquisitor in the Court of Inquisition before moving on to the Wellway to Hell and the Ossuary, a chapel built of human bones. Enjoy an appointment with a crazy doctor in a tuberculosis ward and then check out the home of one of Portugal’s most famous serial killers in the Fiery Lair. An infamous child-killer lurks in the Bloody Attic and a giant monster of the seas that haunted Portuguese sailors for centuries awaits in the Giant’s Cave.
Adresse: R. Instituto Industrial 6, Lisbon 1200-225, Portugal
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