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Fátima, located 88 miles (142 kilometers) north of Lisbon is one of the most important shrines to the Virgin Mary in the world. Here, in 1917, she appeared several times to three shepherd children. The last time, on October 13th 1917, there were 70,000 witnesses to the miracle. A marble pillar with a statue of Our Lady marks the exact spot and four million pilgrims make the journey to see it each year, in the Chapel of Apparitions.

In addition there is a Basilica, the House of Our Lady Dolours, to receive the sick and for retreats. There's also accommodation for up to 250 pilgrims in the House of Our Lady of Carmel and a monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - a spring whose water brings graces to pilgrims.

Adresse: Apartado 31, Fátima 2496-908, Portugal
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