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One of Portugal’s most fascinating destinations, Evora is a city full of historic national treasures that keep any visitor intrigued. From the Roman ruins of the Templo de Diana (Temple of Diana) featuring 14 original Corinthian columns, to the Capela dos Ossos (Bones of Chapel), which is completely decorated with human bones, Evora contains corner to corner historical encounters.

For a full-on educational experience on the history of this tremendous city, be sure to spend some time in the Historic Center of Evora, where you can discover ancient megaliths dating back to as far as 4000 BC, while puzzling together Evora’s diverse and immense background.

After visiting the Historic Center, take a second look around the city’s landmarks and architecture. You won’t be surprised to see that for such a small place, there is a wide array of buildings and designs from the renaissance, baroque, gothic, roman, and other eras.
Adresse: Evora, Portugal
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