Trevignano Romano

With its serene setting on the north bank of Lake Bracciano, the small town of Trevignano Romano makes a strategic base from which to explore the lakeside and a tranquil retreat from nearby Rome.

Trevignano is easy to get around on foot – wander the cobblestone lanes of the medieval quarter, check out the small but fascinating Civic Museum in the Town Hall or stroll the palm-fringed promenade, where numerous bars and restaurants look out over the lakefront. The star attraction is the hilltop Orsini Fortress, a romantic ruin dating back to the 13th century and offering dramatic views over the lake, while swimming, sailing and hiking are also popular pastimes.

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Trevignano Romano is located on Lake Bracciano, around 50 km northwest of Rome.
Adresse: Trevignano Romano, Lazio, Italia
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