In the Dominican Republic's eastern-most province of La Altagracia Province lies the city of Higuey. A busy, bustling area that has been rapidly growing over the past decade, Higuey is also home to some must-see historical and religious sites.

The Basilica of Altagracia, a Roman Catholic cathedral that was built in 1972, serves as the city's biggest attraction. Despite its fairly recent development, the church holds a strong religious presence and is the place of pilgrimages each year. It is well-known due to its location, where a sighting of the Virgin Mary is said to have occurred. This elevated the church to high esteem, and Pope John Paul II visited the site in 1992. 

The Church of San Dionisio is also a site to see, though this one holds significance due to its history. The small church dates back to 1572, making it one of the oldest churches in the Americas, and features Spanish colonialism architecture and a stately bell tower.

Higuey is also home to charming streets, restaurants and markets, all ready to be explored. Though the city may be lacking in some grandeur and sophistication, visitors can experience the city side of the Dominican Republic.

Practical Info

Higuey is located 32 miles from La Romana. It can be reached by car, though you may want to choose a tour that stops in Higuey to save yourself the hassle of navigating city traffic and finding parking.
Adresse: Higuey, Dominican Republic, Dominikanske republikk
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