Thornybush Game Reserve

This vast savannah near Kruger Park borders the Kampama Game Reserve and is home to nearly 150 mammals, including all of Africa’s Big Five. A wealth of indigenous reptile, bird, fish, amphibian and plant species make this fenced-in park a destination for ecotourism.

Six privately owned lodges exist within the reserve, and each offers a unique safari experience to visitors of Thornybush. It’s easiest to spot game in dry months, from May through October, while intense humidity and wet rains make October and November ideal for birding. Travelers who visit Thornybush between December and April have the best chance of spotting young offspring, and baby animals mean an increased chance of witnessing a predatory hunt while on Safari.

Practical Info

Thornybush Reserve is located south of Hoedspruit. The game viewing here is good year round, since fences prevent animals from migrating. Royal Malewane is the most upscale lodge in the park, while Kwa Mbili Game Lodge caters to visitors on a tighter budget.
Adresse: Thornybush Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, Sør-Afrika
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