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Bagmati River

At first glance, the Bagmati River might appear to be just an ordinary river, meandering its way through the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. However, the Bagmati holds a great deal of religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists in the country, making it a destination for Nepali and visitors alike.

From the temples lining its banks to the funereal ceremonies that take place in its waters, the Bagmati has been mentioned as a holy place for more than 2000 years and is considered the source of Nepalese civilization; Kathamandu has grown up along its banks. The river is lined with ghats, stone-paved embankments and stairs that lead down to the waters. These areas, often dotted with statues, are used for the open-air cremations that take place on the Bagmati as well as ritual bathing, though the bathing is becoming a less common practice due to the pollution and receding of the river.

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