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Kelly Hill Conservation Park

The star attraction of Kelly Hill Conservation Park is the extensive network of caves that lie beneath it. With guided tours of the caves, short walks or longer hikes above ground, and views of woodlands and the Southern Ocean, the park is well worth the visit.

Impressive formations of stalactites, stalagmites and more await visitors underground. Discovered when a horse named Kelly fell into one of the caves, the complex is one of the few dry limestone cave networks in Australia. The Kelly Hill Visitor Centre runs frequent guided tours of the caves, or, for the more adventurous, adventure caving. In addition, souvenirs, drinks and snacks are also available from the visitors centre.

As well as the underground attractions, Kelly Hill Conservation Park is home to several short walks around the Visitors Centre. Visitors after a longer trek can undertake the Hanson Bay hike – an 18km return track past lagoons, woodlands and sand dunes.

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