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Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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Once farmland, the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is now a protected area with abundant wildlife. Famous for its conservation of native plants and animals, the sanctuary is the best place on Kangaroo Island to see koalas in the wild.

Iconic Australian wildlife is showcased by the sanctuary, and the visitor centre can give you the best advice on spotting koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and more. Located at the start of the Koala Walk, the Visitors Centre also provides visitors to the park with refreshments, and local art and souvenirs. As well as providing information, the Visitors Centre offers self-guided tours of the sanctuary, including nocturnal tours.

Fully guided, 90 minute walks, the nocturnal tours are led by experienced tour guides. A nocturnal tour provides a wealth of information on the animals and their habitats, observing animals more active at night such as koalas, echidnas, possums, bats and more.

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