Azraq Wetland Reserve

A tranquil oasis hidden between the vast sands and sandstone cliffs of Jordan’s deserts, the Azraq Wetland Reserve offers a welcome change of scenery, and it’s an easy day trip from nearby Amman. 

The expanse of lush wetlands, glittering blue pools and seasonally flooded marshland is undeniably scenic, but the main attractions for visitors are the wildlife spotting opportunities. Around 150 species of migratory birds pass through the reserve, while native species include water buffalo and the rare Azraq Killifish.

Practical Info

The Azraq Wetland Reserve is located around 100km east of Amman and is open daily from 9am-6pm. 
Adresse: Jordan
Åpningstider: Open daily from 9am-6pm
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